Friday, June 14, 2013

Darrel Issa Caught Deliberately Lying About IRS Scandal.

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Darrell Issa, who heads the House Investigations Committee, claimed in May that the IRS Scandal was about the president using the IRS to target his political enemies during an election year, and keeping it on the down-low.  But the transcripts of the investigation shows that the investigations of Tea party groups were the brainchild of an IRS manager who describes himself as a conservative Republican. Now Darrel Issa is trying to keep the transcripts secret. Darrel Issa needs to go. He's beginning to smell worse than Spiro Agnew and Dick Nixon combined. (You many not remember
Agnew. He was Nixon's VP. In fact though he was such a corrupt politicians, that, though they were chomping at the bit to let Nixon resign, they wouldn't do so until they got their case into court and got rid of Agnew. It was astounding, but it happened.) Now we've recently learned that Dick Nixon himself committed treason in 1968 to win the election. But Issa is still worse.

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