Thursday, February 16, 2012

Women #Democrats Walk Out of #Oversight Hearing on Religions' Liberty to Keep #Women From Affordable #Contraception #Issa #religion #health

US Capitol Rotunda
From the US Capitol Rotunda
I'm sure they weren't talking about keeping women from birth control in this painting.

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Darrel Issa thinks women should have to pay $700 a year for birth control when men don't.

Yeah you heard me correctly, Darrell Issa, head of the House Oversight Committee which often investigates suspected inappropriate or even criminal behavior is investigating whether women should be allowed to receive birth control treatment from insurance programs, and then blocks the sex from his first panel on the subject though Democrats offered a suitable young woman to represent the female side.

Issa says that the hearing is about "Liberty"  (obviously religious liberty to enslave women, men, and their families) in their self serving money collecting schemes.

Can you imagine the representatives of Catholic Bishops talking about how they have to be able to deny women birth control help (even though the Obama administration changed the mandate to the insurance providers paying for the need instead of the religious businesses themselves) while they pretend the whole priest on kid thing didn't happen.  What's the matter, are they running out of young boys and girls to molest?

And who's enabling these guys?

Rising GOP star Darrel Issa who says that the hearing is about liberties, not contraception.

Dude religions don't have liberties, people do.  In the US people have the rights, not religious leaders to control them!

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