Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Political Associate Confronted Ron Paul About Double Billing for Flights

When confronted with evidence of the Congressman's people double billing for travel Ron Paul told man from group who had paid fire reimbursements that it "happens all the time".

The Roll Call reporter reminds readers that an earlier report found evidence many of Rep Paul's flights may have been paid for twice, once by a political group and once by the US Taxpayer.

Mr Paul's people need to clear this up even if it means taking a hit monetarily at this point, if he wants to keep this from blowing up, though it is possible that the charges were first introduced by another candidate's opposition research, I'd guess from the campaign of the Republican "front runner" that Paul threatens who has never been in Congress and so hasn't faced submitting such charges to the taxpayers himself but I could be wrong.

(Gmail posted this report too soon when I hit  a back button while revising a stump report I had saved in the draft box.  If Gmail tends to send off draft email while a person works on it, that cannot be good for business people or anyone else.  They should require a specific command to send email currently saved as a draft.  Because Blogger sends off a notice to Twitter when a post is added to the blog, I am leaving this up.  I will look for other information on the Liberty Committee or Ron Paul ....developing.......) 

See shortened link below for complete Roll Call Report which also contains some details of  about the rift between the group and Ron Paul:


Source Watch on The Liberty Committee