Monday, February 13, 2012

Polls Show Contraception Not a Successful Wedge Issue for Republicans

An "opinion" piece by Juan Williams at The Hill (mobile edition as linked) shows support across the board for insurer provided contraception even from those paid for by non church but religious businesses.

Opinion is a description used by news organizations for any work they don't want tohave to verify, especially one from someone not currently on staff.

I have seen the same poll numbers in non opinion articles at other mainstream news sites, and Mr Williams analysis seems to be very reasonable.  He even brought over the FOX poll result showing 61% approval for employer based insurance covering  contraception.

Possibly he's trying to warn Republicans to not rely on this issue for their 2012 wedge.

I doubt that Santorum and other extreme Republicans will listen, but if we remind our friends and families that most Americans want insurance provided contraception it will help even our less politically informed acquaintances realize that the Republicans are running another scam on us. 

Religions should not control our lives except as we want them to and in this case, most Americans don't.

People have rights to practice religion as they see fit.

Religions don't have the right to control our nation.

It's nice to see, via the poll numbers, that people will no longer be manipulated into the latest Republican political gambit.

I guess the Republicans can thank their predecessors for a stream of wedge issues and self proclaimed mandates that went so bad, that even mainstream media's focus on right wing talking points won't work anymore.