Friday, February 17, 2012

Remember How PM David CameronWas Going to Save the UK With Austerity? #fail #unemployment

London, England
Downtown UK w/ London Eye

Part magnificent architecture, part stultifying class-ism. Same as it ever was.

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 When he got into office David Cameron started right off to make plans to push the UK into austerity programs, and eventually got his way. This was announced and the nation saw demonstrations and even, by last summer, riots over the results.

But don't rely on the NY Times to give you the true story of Britain's youth-employment crisis in their article "For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life". Yes, Britain was smacked by the downturn in Europe which was a result of the banking crisis in the US, but many models for recovery say to increase government spending during a downturn, and then cut the debt after recovery has been achieved.

Don't rely on the New York Times to tell you that either. Instead they will publish a whole article on Britain's youth employment crisis without saying anything that would give anyone a clue as to how to avoid such economy harming circumstances in the future, even in our nation. BTW, does anyone think that the sons and daughters of Dukes and Earls are having the same kinds of troubles finding good paying jobs?  It seems the solution the Times wants is to throw older people out of work and hire younger.  That, of course is not a solution, just a shifting of the pain to another class of people.

Note comment below the first page of the Times piece as linked. That does explain how more equality helps keep a nation's economy stable. Nice that someone explains for free what the NY Times won't, though the newspaper expects money from their readers every month. This is why I don't go for their deal though I'm sure the owners and major investors at the Times own multiple vacations homes, while those who tell the truth, make do with much fewer of the trappings of wealth.