Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybe The Lies Ron Paul and His Followers Tell About Social Security and Retired People Led to His Poor Showing in Florida

The Sunset Years
They're not the time that you want to be attacked with vicious lies

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Young Ron Paul followers are told by the Libertarians, whether Representative Paul or not, that retired people are stealing their money.   The Paulites and friends have a scenario cooked up in which poor suffering young underpaid workers are virtual slaves to Baby Boomers.

It's hardly a surprise that wealthy Mr. Paul has as much disdain for older people as his newsletters used to show against people of darker skin.

Mr. Paul maybe you'd better consider that's why you did so poorly in the Florida primary election, because though there are lots of retired folk in Florida there are lots of them all over these United States as well, though maybe not in such a concentration, and telling lies about some of the most vulnerable people in the nation is not good.

BTW,  I already proved that most retired people have already financed their retirement via their payroll taxes, whether our government wants to acknowledge it or not.

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