Friday, February 3, 2012

Failure of Russian Space Capsule Test Delays Station Crew Exchange

The rupture of a Russian space capsule due to over-pressurization will cause the delay of the exchange in space station crew which is dependent on the program now that the American shuttle program has ended.  This is most likely creating some anxiety among the members of both the Russian and the US space crews.

Thank goodness we can trust that the US Congress has done all it can to get money to those private companies that are building a new American space program.

Wait. No they're not!  They delivered way too little money to the new space program in last year's budget delaying the US ability to get manned vehicles into space until 2017!

BTW, how do you over-pressurize a capsule meant to be sent into near zero pressure space?  It seems the pressure differential outside on the capsule out there would be so great that it would be very hard to exceed that necessary strength.

But don't let me second guess pronouncements of the Russian space agency.

See WP report: