Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prop 8 Backers Call For Federal Takeover of Court

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After Appeals Court Decision Celebration is Appropriate
Hate is not

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The haters backing Proposition 8 are outraged with the two 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judges who voted that the measure is unconstitutional and at least one has proclaimed:
Judicial activists like Stephen Reinhardt and Michael Daly Hawkins need to be reined in like Newt Gingrich has been saying about judicial activists
That is just part of a quasi-religious ramble from SaveCalifornia.com president Randy Thomasson.

First he starts preaching as if some religion has anything to do with telling us what all people's rights are, then he declares that marriage is not in the constitution.

But, Thomasson ignores the fact that constitutional rights are often denied to unmarried people who cohabitate that are given automatically to married people, from the all so important ability to visit one's partner in intensive care without special permission, to being compensated for all the time and effort you put into a relationship if it fails through a legal divorce decision..

In fact, Thomasson decides that since one prominent couple divorced, there is not reason for any same sex couple to get married.

But thanks Mr. T for showing us how undemocratic and unAmerican your agenda is.

We straight people will0 know to steer clear of you too.

See Thomasson's full statement in Mercury News Report   What they're saying about the Prop. 8 ruling

Thomasson notes that the two judges on the three man panel who voted for today's ruling were appointed by Democrat Presidents, but forgets to mention that the judge in opposition is a Mormon judge from Idaho (Wikipedia and Mormonwiki.com), who George W. Bush tried to push into a California seat on the 9th Circuit, in effect attempting to stack the court with more conservatives that are unused to dealing with California issues.  When Senator Feinstein and Boxer refused to agree, Bush dropped that request and waited to appoint Justice Smith into the Idaho seat.

So it's not about constitutional rights, but it is about constitutional rights.  It's amazing what religious politico people make up when they are trying to sell the rights of Americans to the highest fat cat bidders.

Now they want unconstitutional action against appellate judges for a matter they've decided isn't about the Constitution.

It appears that the extreme right like Gingrich are making things up as the go along.