Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Mountain Home Lodge
Mountains Near Leavenworth, WA
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The GOP’s War Against Facts

Video: “Violent” protest in Anaheim tonight. Windows broken.

Would Holmes have been shot dead if more in the theater were armed? (Not Likely)

Is the Minimum Wage Immoral?

CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE: ‘Obamacare actually reduces the deficit.’

Question: How did Holmes afford all his weaponry and armor?

Cartoon: Why isn’t America tough enough to stand up to the Gun Nazis 

Question: In a world where Amazon can track your next book purchase and you must register to buy allergy medicine,  how could James Holmes spend months stockpiling thousands of bullets and head-to-toe ballistic gear without raising any red flags with authorities?

Why should we accept that the “talent” of someone who writes jingles for an advertising agency advertising dog food and gets $100,000 a year is superior to the talent of an auto mechanic who makes $40,000 a year?

Chart: If Ammunition Was as "Well Regulated" as Sudafed....?

Question: Why isn't Rupert Murdoch in Jail Yet?

 The Cruelty of Pro Life Politicians

Video: Officers Offered to “Buy” Cell Phone Footage of Anaheim Police Brutality

If Guns Were as Well Regulated as Cars? 

A Land Without Guns: How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

Map of Mass Shootings  in US

The availability of high-powered, rapid-fire weapons is surely a large part of the reason why the death tolls in mass murders have been so large in the recent past

How the Wall Street Journal  Cooked the Books to Smear Solar Power

A Real Life Medusa Was Created by Mankind

Video Evidence: Did Anaheim Police Execute a Handcuffed Teen?

Star of Romney Ad Who Asked "I didn't build this?" (meaning without help) received over a Million Dollars in Government Contracts and Loans.  

Man in Romney Ad Admits Some Help From Government Through Roads, Schools.