Thursday, November 17, 2011

Congressman Critical Of Solyndra Loans Asked For Similar Support For Similar Company

Representative Upton who strongly criticized the Obama administration in September for the Solyndra loans had asked for green energy loans for a Michigan company earlier, along with some for other MI companies. Now he whines that they doubted the stimulus would work, but wanted more jobs in Michigan.

Oh, hey Mr Upton, maybe if your people had gone along with all the stimulus the Obama administration wanted there would have been enough money for your wish list too.  Also the stimulus would have worked better though it did work.

Upton also said that it isn't government's job to pick winners and losers though that's what he wanted them to do for the Michigan companies. But it is government's job to choose the US over countries like China who are waging trade war with massive subsidies for their own emerging industries and actually plotting to be the next economic superpower by destroying our ability to develop these new industries.

And Republicans are helping them by cutting down the first stimulus and trying to trim or deny America the president's jobs bill focusing on needed infrastructure upgrades.

Report commented upon can be found at the Washington  Post: