Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey, Frank McCourt! Peter O'Malley Wants His Team Back.

First there was the Walter O'Malley family and they brought the Dodgers to LA and everyone smiled and said it was good.  But then Walter (who also ran the LA Times IIRC) grew sick and died.

Some time afterwards Peter and the O'Malleys announced they would have to sell the Dodgers because they couldn't afford to properly take care of the team and off it went rapped up in brown paper to FOX. 

We didn't think much about that, but in those years FOX was more known for being the home of The Simpsons than for it's nacent propaganda cable channel.

Little did we know.

FOX does a lot of sports so shouldn't they be good at it?  I guess they're good at extracting big bucks from them.

The network headed by the creepy Aussie gnome sold the team to the creepy gnome from Boston and his wife.  Who have run the stadium into the ground while they leached money from the team.

There was apparently an agreement that money not be extacted from the team but all excess receipts be used to improve its stadium, it's now legendary how the Dodgers became the McCourts' piggybank while they let the stadium deteriorate & didn't provide adequate security.

Luckily, these days, teams are bought by groups of people pooling their Cheddar, and Peter O'Malley can get back into the sports biz assisted by Al Gore's friend Ron Burkle.

So we may be seeing the backside of Parking Lot Smurf and his exwife at least.  That'll be a good start.

I think FOX sold the Dodgers to McCourt because he promised to let them have a lot of business with the team.  And they ignored his bad management style, to keep those deals going.

Maybe now though, the Dodgers  can get back to just being a great team.