Tuesday, November 15, 2011

James O'Keef'e's Allies in NPR Sting Accuse Him of Doing a Hit Job

Something Nice From New Jersey

To help you forget that James O'Keefe hails from there

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It becomes obvious when you read Howard Kurtz' report at the Daily Beast that the two primary allies at the dinner meant O'Keefe did a hack hit job, because they were planning a type of hit themselves, just a classier one.

They also say they were in general going to take on other organizations who might take donation from the Muslim Brotherhood with I suppose the idea that the recipients might not treat the Muslim organization too nicely and pave the way for it to gain respectability.

So two other investigative hit men were on a job but O'Keefe even shocked them with his creepy, sloppy tactics.

I guess you've won some kind of prize Jimmy Boy, but I don't think you want to brag about this one.

See  "Allies Accuse James O'Keefe of 'Hit Job' in Undercover NPR Sting"