Thursday, November 17, 2011

Investigators: No connection Found Between White House Shooter And Occupy DC #odc #ows

Bali, 1987
Bali 1987

According to Investigators findings, the White House shooter seems to have had as much to do with the tropical land pictured above as he did with the Occupy movement. Will Beck and Limbaugh stop lying about it now, please?

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Investigators searching for the reason that the man who shot at the White House was in the nation's capitol have checked out the possibility whether he had any connection with Occupy DC and have found there was none.

The man though had extraordinary anger at the president so there does seem to be a connection with the rantings of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the angry men in Georgia who wanted something to happen to the president, and so many others who have ratcheted up the rhetoric of hate against the  Commander in Chief.

Like Timothy McVeigh, Ortega-Hernandez heard all the hate and the veiled calls for action and decided to take things into his own hands.

This is why it matters that some grumpy old men in Georgia sit around and pretend to plot an assassination, because some deranged person or even someone with low self esteem decides to become a hero, by living out the fantasies of the haters.

Most culpable though are the merchants of hate. The ones in positions of power. The radio hosts, the political officials, whether in DC or just a small time leader of a college association, and other hate mongers with a virtual megaphone need to stop implying something has to be done now, or our nation will die or God requires regime change, whatever other garbage they want to pretend is real political rhetoric, but is actually simplistic political jingoism,selling hate for millions of dollars while most of their followers are firmly in the 99%.