Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alert: This turned out to be a phony terror scam by Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Kelly:. Lone Wolf Terror Suspect Planned to Bomb Police, Post Offices in #NYC #ows

Police have arrested a terrorist who got bomb making instructions from the al Qaeda website "Inspire" and wanted to bomb post offices and police in the city. Jose Pimentel lived in Manhattan, was an American citizen, but was born in the Dominican Republic.

Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement and proclaimed him a lone worlf.

I doubt it will stop FOX from calling him part of the Occupy movement.

See LA Times Al Qaeda sympathizer plotted to bomb police, N.Y. mayor says

CNN called Pimentel's targets "Iraq and Afghanistan veterans" and post offices.

CNN added that the man had been monitored since 2009, was a follower Anwar al-Awlaki (killed recently in Yemen), wanted to call himself Osama Hussein in honor of his fallen heroes.

Much more info from CNN at 'Lone wolf' terror suspect arrested in New York

I wonder how Bloomberg will use this to try to shut down #OWS.