Thursday, November 17, 2011

Doesn't Anyone Else Think It's Weird That Authorities Just Threw Scott Ritter in Jail As They Work Up A War on Iran?

One of the strongest advocates against going to war in Iraq in the years before 2003 was Scott Ritter, a former UN Weapons Inspector, who told the Bush government that Iraq had no nuclear weapons program anymore and he was right!

David Albright on the other hand wrote the Iraq was actually on it's way to the smoking gun mushroom cloud scenario, an he was wrong.
So, though Mr. Albright is able to grab the spotlight by telling the neocon press what they want to hear, he got it all wrong in his analysis in the mid nineties, but he got one thing correct, what Israel wanted the US and UK to think about attacking Iraq.  It was the fear of a nuclear attack that made a war feasible, not just a late night joke.

But who is Albright?

He was supposed to be a nuclear expert, but Scott Ritter who worked tirelessly in the field didn't see him getting much contact with real nuclear physics especially in the Middle East..

He was touted as the man who discovered a plan for a small nuclear trigger in a suitcase, which many other nuclear weapons experts said was less than half of he threat that Albright had worked it up to be.

But Mr. Albright is very valuable to those who want to attack Middle Eastern Muslim countries for regime change and that's enough to get Israel to want him to be the big "expert" on Iran's (and other 'rogue' nations') nuclear program(s).  He was brought out the morning that Israel told the world of the nuclear plant in Syria they destroyed.  It's like the generals and retired generals that were trotted around before the war on Iraq was started to make the case for war.  Always the same guys, and always pushing for war.   Then it turns out they all had financial ties to military munitions and equipment dealers and the stations that had them on the air to talk up war knew they would make money if the could start a war --a lot of money too.

There really is too much money to be made supplying the forces with the weapons of war.

The Scott Ritter article I just summarized and on which I was commenting  can be found at Truth Dig: The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was  My summary was too brief to do Ritter's article justice, and I suggest you read it yourself.

But briefly Ritter notes that Albright was a dilettante in weapons inspection, who allows the media to call him a physicist and a "doctor" though he only had the "doctor" put on at an honorarium, in which case it should not be used to pretend the man the degree in high education.  You don't see Bill Clinton running making sure every knows he has a honorary PHD.

 And Ritter pointed out that Albright is not a physicist, just a guy who asks a lot of questions.  I believe there are people who want Albright to hear the worst about Iraq and they make sure he does.  Then the wealthy and powerful forces shop the guy to the media as the sole expert go to guy on Middle Eastern nuclear security issues.

And so Albright's latest clams were all packaged up and trotted out to the compliant media complete with shadowy "furriners" looking to sell plans to the Iranians.

But Scott Ritter is not the only guy warning about another Middle Eastern war that has been silenced.  Mohamed El Baradei was forced out as head of the IAEA a few years ago.  Before that he worked hard for good common sense to reign over Middle East ventures.  He also warned that Iraq had no nuclear ambitions anymore, but his wisdom was pushed aside in the rush to attack Iraq.  And now they have a man in as the head of IAEA that shares the war mongering spirit.  

After he left the IAEA El Baradei gave an interview in which he acknowledged as he always had that Iran does probably want a nuclear weapons program but mostly for prestige, not for belligerence.  El Baradei said he thought that once they had created a nuclear capability they could be convinced to store it all on a island in the Persian Gulf, nominally Iranian, but under the control of the IAEA.  I had that article up when the browser crashed the other day and it wouldn't bring the article up again, nor could I find it via search engine.  But I'm quite certain of what it said.

So just remember when you hear the war drums beat, that they had to get rid of two of the staunchest opponents to the pumpers of convenient military adventures that Israel wanted and wants just to get their game going. (Convenient to Israel, of course, because they haven't been actually doing any of the fighting and dying.

Here's a 2003 report on the earlier stings on Scott Ritter at TARGET: SCOTT RITTER: The War Party gets ugly 

And here is a report on his recent conviction and imprisonment.  They sound curiously similar and both much like they could be targeted stings.

One would like to know whether Ritter was contacted by the supposed under-aged females first via email at least in this last case, because it's not past Mossad's capabilities to get an email address of one of its most hated war opponents.  The Pocono Record makes the worst case, but there is no analysis of whether he might have been invited to that chat room by someone.  Local news is quite lazy over crime, just accepting what the police tell them.  And, BTW, If what Ritter claimed was actually true, then he actually committed no crime, but was unfairly imprisoned.

Now it may be true that Ritter was guilty in all cases, though the jury in the NY cases believed him when he said he was seeking help and he was released and the records sealed.  In the recent trial records ordered sealed forever were unsealed (WTF?) and the non evidence there was used to convict him and send him away for at least 18 months and up to 5.5 years.  So the war starts within 1 and1/2 or up to 5 and 1/2 years down the road.  You can practically count on it.
BTW< I am not implying that Obama or many in his administration are pushing for war. They may be as unsure as most of America. I showed above how outsiders could have manufactured Ritter's imprisonment. So to leave the administration only warmongers and some less authoritative voices to try to figure out what to do. That's where Albright and the new IAEA chief will come strutting in, probably many "experts" that just happen to have ties to war munitions groups.