Friday, November 4, 2011

Republicans Were For Massive Solyndra Loans Before They Were Against Them !!!

Proven, though the craven reports on this I read in NYT did not have this information.  The George W Bush administration and most of the GOP committee members calling for an investigation of the Solyndra-Obama scandal were the ones who set up the program and approved Solyndra's enrollment in it.   But they won't be letting reality get in their way because they have oily Koch brothers millions supporting as false ad campaign.  So they can let the Koch brothers stop green energy and you can pay $10 a gallon for gasoline, all the while the GOP has already chosen a foreign country's side in a trade war.  China is dumping subsidized solar chips on the American market which ruined Solyndra's ability to sell superior product, and instead of working with the Obama administration on protecting our green energy market, they, like always, want to use it to sell us out, not only to China, but to those who would enslave Americans to Big Oil.