Friday, April 20, 2012

Videos Show Romney's Anti Gay Agenda & How Big Money Games Scientists, and Buys Politicians, and The News Media Goes Along.

Two Rachel Maddow videos show that anti-gay groups actually gamed a famous scientist that first found that homosexuality was not a disease, so that he published another report expressing a belief that some homosexuals could be cured. Watch these two videos for the complete story.

Note that the scientist now claims he was sent subjects from an anti-gay group that claimed they were cured of being gay, and that he no longer felt confident that the people he talked to were telling the truth. Also the man Rachel talks to was also part of that group. This was an important study, that gave a major boost to anti-gay proselytizing, and the scientist was obviously fooled, but it was all a sham.

What is being described in these videos is like the kind of fascism that created Nazi Germany. Fake science. Yep right there. Major political groups basing their whole meme for the poor on bigotry and racism. Yep. (The rich will go along because the Republicans give them the message not to worry, wealthy people like them will be safe. and the mainstream news system refuses to deal with reality, because they can sell the control of the masses' minds for money to the fat cats.)

 This is 1984 and only bits and pieces of this are getting out.

Another news report I recently read said that wealthy supporters of same sex marriage believe that Romney will back their cause, even though if you watch the videos above you know that the Romney's charity actually donates to anti-gay groups. 

The Bible says you can only be one way or the other.  I guess Mitt Romney is too wealthy for those silly rules in the Bible.  That's for the rest of us who aren't part of the 1%.

Mitt Rommey is the greatest scam ever put upon Americans.   The only thing he is being honest about is his desire for more military actions in the world.

America had better wake up or we'll be stuck with this man in the White House.