Monday, April 30, 2012

You Can't Give Million Dollar Donations and Use a Phony Name? Who Knew? #p21

Flamingo Party, Laguna Hedionda, Bolivia

Someone hide the Tequila They already look like they're happy enough.

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NPR has a report on how two top men of Nu Skin (an Amway type company) gave a million dollars each to Romney's SuperPAC by using the name of a fake business and something you might find on WOW.  That is apparently illegal and sad.  (Audio version of report is also available from page at link above.)

Instead of getting the privacy they craved and not informing their customers what they apparently do with the money they get from selling a product, they managed to get a local reporter and NPR interested it the donations and now a lot more people know.

BTW,  Eric Prince's sister is married to Dick DeVos "of the Amway fortune" as described by a Huffington Post report (and others to which I have not linked) so I guess like with pizza: cheap ingredients being used to make something sold for enough to offer seven figured donations = success for Republicans.  And then they would like government to ignore them please while they buy up the nation.