Thursday, April 12, 2012

AP: Men Lost More Jobs at the Start of Bush's Great Recession, Women in the Latter Part Because of Demographics, Republican Intransigence.

Nothing left to sell
Cue Depression Music for Mr. R-Money

He delivers BS  that sounds suspiciously like a Karl Rove talking point and as easily disproven.  Even at that though the Associated Press does half a job of debunking it.  The other half would have put Republicans in a bad light.  Mustn't go there, right AP? 

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The AP did a half-baked analysis of Governor Romney's, Karl Rovish assertion that 92.3% of jobs lost under Obama were those held by women. The writer tells us  that condition developed because men bore the brunt of job losses in the first 13 months of the Great Recession that happened before Obama came into office:
Romney's math is solid as far as it goes. But more men than women have lost jobs since the recession began — that's why economists called it a "man-cession."
 In blaming Obama for "turning the clock back 20 years on American women," as the Romney campaign puts it, Republicans are hoping to counter Obama's perceived advantage with female voters. But they ignore how recessions generally — and the last one in particular — unfold, and they hold Obama accountable for the state of the economy from the time he took office, before his policies could make any difference.
But the AP report continues
Women were more heavily represented in jobs that suffered in the recession's later months and beyond, as revenue-strapped state and local governments laid off teachers and cut other public-sector workers.
Still, even that, though technically accurate, doesn't show the totality of the real picture.  In fact, after the Republicans grabbed the leadership of the House in the 2010 election and even before they have been working to harm women's employment chances.  First by cutting the stimulus and requiring that much of the package focus on tax cuts.  But later, after they came into power in many states as well as the US House of Representatives by promising more jobs, they instead, in the states, first cut taxes for the wealthy and businesses, and then tried to decimate the public worker sector including in education the cornerstone of progress for Americans.

If you're really strapped for cash you don't take what little money you have and go throw it at the nearest group of millionaires, and then go home, start throwing your family out of the house so you can live in it alone, and afterwards still expect them to look at you as a benevolent leader of the group.  In fact, you would seem a tyrant to them more interested in pleasing fat cats than in taking care of your family, which is actually what the Republican party is all about.  After all Republicans, are reliant on political advertising purchased using the money of the top 1% of businesses and individuals.  This is never aired adequately in the press because the news media depends for its funds on the same wealthy people.

So, less even than the effect of male jobs being lost, jobs women have held in our states and counties were decimated at least twice by Republican governance, once by the recession that took away the good paying jobs for men coupled with Republican intransigence in the US House, and then by the GOP in 2011 which, like we saw in Wisconsin, bumped as many public workers as they could out of jobs because they themselves were sitting in good publicly funded jobs, but saw a better future for themselves as being repaid by the Koch brothers and other like-minded people they court with tax cuts and destruction of state and federal government jobs, most of which had been stable and well paid with benefits which allowed men and women to raise and educate their children in  a little bit of comfort.

And the GOP has forced cuts to the length of time a person can receive unemployment benefits .If a man or woman has to forgo retraining for a type of job that can be held, to support his or her family immediately he or she might have to take a cleaning job at the local market or fast food joint.  One free to work longer at regaining employment could take classes and get a good middle class job that sets his or her family on the path to creating great futures for their kids and a good retirement for themselves.

So, in fact, the GOP has been  the primary culprit in male and female job losses as they cut unemployment benefits, and safety nets.  It is typical though that they then come out and blame Obama for that which the GOP has been actively achieving in their quest to gain total control of the nation so they can sell your rights to a good life for your family to multimillionaires.

Why don't they just put a sign on it.


That is if they don't just take all of those degraded employment opportunities and outsource them to China anyway.   That would fit right into the Romney/GOP game plan that has actually helping China and the 1% destroy our economy.

Thanks for nothing, GOP.