Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Difference A Democratic Governor Makes

Here's a Happy Minnesota Resident

I don't know what Governor Mark Dayton has done for this fine web-footed citizen, but he's protecting the human ones of his state from the onerous ALEC legislation passed by the state legislature. People need more state officials like him.

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A MinnPost report shows a picture of Governor Mark Dayton and tells us that he recently vetoed his the 7th ALEC related bill  since taking office.

This latest bill would have shifted the monetary responsibility to treat former workers from the backs of businesses who seek to purchase companies that once used the material onto the backs of the taxpayers of Minnesota or "others"  which would most likely be the victims and possibly charity foundations.  But surely those folks could just grow some chickens and take them to the doctor for payment of thousands of dollars worth of treatment each year (or maybe month) right?

Looking for a picture for the top of this post, I came across plenty under Minnesota which I didn't use because they had many faces that most likely don't want to end up on my blog.  They were people from 2010 at the state capital demonstrating to save General Assistance Medical Care, which was apparently threatened during the governorship of  Republican Tim Pawlenty in 2010.  Pawlenty hoped to use his credentials as a conservative governor to gain the Republican nomination for president this year, though he had cut taxes by cutting essential services, like thoroughly inspecting and repairing the states' bridges until one fell down in Minneapolis on August 1, 2007 killing a number of citizens.  See Wikipedia: I-35W Mississippi River bridge.

Interestingly, a Flickr user posted a picture dated May 13, 2007 in which another user then pointed out corrosion on one of the lower struts that may have been partially responsible for the collapse. According to Flickr's note of the date posted (in months) that note was probably added just after the accident.  The picture was offered as Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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35W Bridge