Friday, December 16, 2011

Public to #Occupy #ows. Thanks For Your Message, Now Go Home.

After listening to our hearts or maybe to mainstream news media (who are heavily dependent on money from corporations and the 1%), and from politicians  (even more heavily dependent for  $$ on those sources), we the 99% who still have a middle class income and the most weak minded of the rest of us would like you to go home and disappear again.
Thank you.
The poll takers didn't even make the effort to collect or maybe to transmit what kind of action would be acceptable to Middle America, or maybe they did and this Seattle paper refused to report on them.
I doubt Occupy will listen and do what this "poll" says the public wants them to do. Good for them.
BTW the "results" of this "poll" were published only days after a big push was made to get anti port closure editorials into newspapers, especially those near Ports on the West Coast after Monday's actions.
Coordinated much?
You betcha!

See report: