Friday, December 2, 2011

Newt Gingrich Earned His Fortune By Serving the 1% in Congress

A RollCall report details basic facts about how the former speaker's accumulation of wealth started and progressed as he served and then rose to the position of Speaker in the House of Representatives.

What the report doesn't mention is his continuous efforts to destroy the safety net for the poor and elderly and to pay Clinton back for the former president's meager stands against
the designs of the 1% (which the former prez apparently gave up on entirely when his wife decided she wanted to run for a Senate seat from the great state of Wall Street (as a stepping stone to a presidential bid one can assume).

There are other stories out there--about sex in a car sitting in his own driveway while his children were near, and scammy business awards which require the recipient to pay thousands to join Gingrich's organization to receive, but more about those reports when the GOP is stupid enough to nominate their fat lothario.

It's going to be fun.