Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creepy CofC Ads Photoshop Dem Senators into Faux Fugitives #ohio #montana #wiunion #ows #occupy

One picture was created for a news report on Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown visiting a factory, but ends up looking like an image from a surveillance camera as if the senator is a criminal on the lam.  It shows all the class of a James O'Keefe video. In other words, none at all.  BTW after his latest gambit in which he embarrassed himself in front of journalism professors, he may well be hiding out and working for others for a while.

Will Ohioans and Montanans be fooled by the demeaning picture in the ad? Ohio threw out the state GOP's anti union law just about a month ago.

Plus, one should ask "If the CoC believed their verbal message would resonate with the citizens of the states in which they ran the ads, why did they feel they had to make creepy false pictures to go along with them.

The people of Ohio and Montana should be outraged that the Chamber has so little respect for their ability to think for themselves.

The videographer who caught former Senator George Allen calling him "Makaka" in 2006 didn't have to change anything in his clip of the incident.

We need to name and shame all instances of such sleazy ads.  There is likely to be only a small minority that will react to the pictures, but that could be enough.

Report on which I am commenting can be found at link below.