Friday, December 30, 2011

Super PACs Get Permission to Hide Donors During First #Primary Contests #iowa #ows #occupy

During the first state primary contests this winter, while donors are funding copious amounts of (mostly TV) advertising, Super PACs will not have to reveal their donors according to a Politico report.

My Comment:

These early elections often are the key to the eventual nominee and therefore can decide the success of a party in a general election, but the courts don't seem to care.

This also infringes upon the news media's  apparently inalienable right to make billions from cheap acquisition of information, but I'm not sure even their clout can get this fixed in time this year. 

Those who hide their Super PAC donations are most likely to have even more ability to sway court decisions as, apparently, they already have; after all most judges must get reelected themselves.

Since mainstream news sources would have us locked into paying to get news so we can only read one newspaper which will then be free to feed us their propaganda and milk toast news  -- ask anyone who is aware of how the New York Times sold the Iraq war as an absolute necessity about that experience -- I'm not overly sympathetic to the media.

Still, important news--like what donors are making big cash dumps for which candidates--belongs to the people and should somehow be distributed to all Americans or at least to those that are interested in receiving it.

But the fact that it isn't is just another day in our society which is run by and for the 1%.

See report at link below on donations to Super PAC's advertising in the early primaries that are bring hidden.