Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oakland Mayor Quan Calls Continued #occupy #oo Protest "Economic Violence" #ows

Mayor Jean seems to be getting her taking points straight from the 1% these days. Maybe they sent her emails with little propaganda bon mots.

Ms Quan please tell us who has committed more economic terrorism on our  country; the protestors at the ports this fall or the banks that scammed so many out of their money and their homes over the last 10 years? 

How can you look your people in the  eyes and reduce what was done to them both by shady financial scams played on them through mortgages that were predestined to fail, and by American businesses sending jobs overseas.

Both those types of economic terrorism were committed on your people by your 1% friends who you say are nowhere around Oakland.  If they are nowhere around Oakland then how  are they able to destroy lives in your city? 

Obviously the tentacles of the 1% reach everywhere

And Oakland will continue to be affected by their greed especially if the people's mayor refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong.

To see article on which I am commenting click on following link: http://bit.ly/urmGRV