Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How the Washington Media Got the IRS Scandal Wrong, and How Salon Pretended it Only Knows the Truth While Smearing MSNBC

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I  was watching O'Donnell in the last two months as he attacked the GOP crazy over the IRS scandal  accurately (beyond being a wicked smart man, and one of those behind The West Wing, O'Donnell was a aide in the Senate so he knows his stuff).

MSNBC was uncovering the fact that it wasn't a real scandal early and often, unlike many other news sources who saw $$ signs coming their way if they played the American public for fools going along with the GOP lies promoted by Darrell Issa who is the king of phony scandal and investigation to smear the Democrats and get the GOP back into the White House.

And now at the end after the whole scandal has been shown to be phony by the release of transcripts that Chairman Issa refused to present to the media by Democrats on the Oversight and Investigations committee, Salon comes along and postures that only they had it correct. This is another example of the "ultra liberal" media making shit up for money.

I do appreciate that all media needs money, but I find so often that wildcat and ultra lib groups playing the extreme cards and then railing about how only they will tell you the truth tends to harm the political discussion.  And, then they go over the edge, like with the NSA claims fed to the news media from two Libertarians who the ultra-libs pretend are liberals, though Libertarians are actually to the right of the GOP.

And we saw this in the last Clinton years, where the magazines had to be sent by mail (The Nation and Mother Jones were two publications I was devoted to, but they have to be taken with a grain of salt when they get too extreme. -- Though now MJ is called moderate and is compared to what many upstarts print online.)

I also have been a fan of Salon in the past.  I hope they get over the grand search for money and get back to their bold, but not crazy reporting.  (And yes, I know it's hard to get over posting  the crazy because that's what attracts eyes for which you can get advertising dollars and creds, but this constant search play with crazy or with claims that only they know the truth, the ultra liberal media are harming our nation as much the people who want to put women and families into the chains of enforced childbirth again.)

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