Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News Sources are Finding Many Problems with the Zimmerman Prosecution.

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I have a clip of another video that shows a very clear precise reason Jurist B37 should never have been seated on this trial.  She did show bias and hey... well you'll just have to wait for a few minutes until I get it up. It will be just above this if, by the time you read this I have done so. (If on a single post page click on title.)
Well, the second video was edited to take out the allegation that B37's husband knows Mark O'Mara other than by name, being an attorney.  Other people made the jump to Mark NeJame who has two daughters.  NeJame has indeed hosted a fund raising event with O'Mara.  He was also hired as an analyst at CNN and his connections with the first judge on the case caused her to  recuse herself.  I doubt that NeJame would endanger his paycheck from CNN to get his wife on the jury.  One Twitter user says that NeJames' daughters are 20 years younger than B37's (which I think I remember as being in mid to late 20's and living in other states).

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