Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Last Word on The Great Reverse Socialism Scam in the GOP Crafted Farm Bill

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I know Lawrence O'Donnell calls it bad socialism, but I thought Reverse was a better descriptor, maybe just because my political clique would understand the implications-- reverse socialism is throwing money at the wealthy (with the implied assumption that some of the money will come back to your political campaigns).  It's one of the great scams of the GOP sometimes indulged by some Democrats. But Lawrence O'Donnell has worked as staff in the US Senate so, my common ideas are not very sophisticated and aren't meant to attempt to teach him how to describe things, nor demean his language.

Also, what does it mean to leave out food stamps (SNAP). Surely not to stop their distribution at the end of the fiscal year (I hope for those who need them), but does inflation get used as a basis for their increase, is there going to be no increase? Or is the food stamp program to be dealt with tied to a more incongruous bill -- one that Democrats want so much they will vote to cut the SNAP program.

The ultimate result of SNAP is that farmers get paid more and people eat, so it is a perfect match for the Farm Bill, but the GOP never lets sense get in it way of harming the working class and helping rich people.

I guess we'll learn later.