Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chris Christie Vs Rand Paul. National Defense Vs Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee States

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Who's the Winner? Rand Paul (if you mean winner as "LOSER").
Guess who comes from the real "Gimmee!" State. Lawrence O'Donnell spells it out for us in the video above. Will the timid DC press dare squeak out a question for Rand Paul about this? Or will it be business as usual?

Try "Hey, Senator, if you are so hot on national defense then why do you call for the end of NSA surveillance?  The Bush 43 administration tried that for 7-8 months in 2001 and then BOOM!  There went the World Trade Center.  Get it?"  Or maybe try "Why do you say that New Jersey is a gimmee state, when it's a net donor to the nation and your state is a net taker?"  You can always ask the other question second.

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