Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video: FOX News Tries To Scare Farmers About Drones in the Sky

The EPA is using drones to make sure that Midwest farmers are not dumping animal feces into rivers that supply fresh water to other localities. Yet, unless Jon Stewart is wrong on this, FOX News hosts use this to try to scare the farmers into thinking they will be attacked as if they are al Qaeda.

 You have to remember that this is the channel that hires Bill O'Reilly who thought the" sun comes up and the sun goes down and nobody knows why it does that". The truth is that the sun just moves along it's trajectory and the earth moves around it in an orbit. In the meantime the earth rotates, so you and those living near you experience that rotation into and out of the earth's own shadow as night and day. Blue's friend Steve taught my kids that when they were very young. Sorry about O'Reilly's education.  I'll be quite honest it wasn't pointed out so explicitly when I was in school, but we had the fundamentals of the earth circling the sun and revolving as it did so we instinctively knew that..

 Bill O'Reilly, was probably was thinking about the passages in the Bible which state that no one knows such mysteries about why there are days and nights, tides, and seasons. That's because the Bible was put to bed (in the language of news reporting) at the latest about 1900 years ago. Science has changed a lot since then, and Pope Bill the 124th can't get all the scientists locked up, nor apparently can he be forced to hire people with some background in science or even Wikipedia to check out some basic facts. When someone explained how day and night works to O'Reilly, he then lashed out that we don't know why there are tides. When someone explained they are created by the pull of the moon, he asked "Why do we have a moon? "Mars doesn't have a moon!" he proclaimed. Wikipedia though tells us that Mars does indeed have a moon. In fact, it has two moons. I may not know everything myself, but like you I would probably check a source with a reputation of telling the truth as it's experienced these days,  before I went on TV to talk about them. Apparently FOX News people don't have the same compunction.

But the report above is on a whole new level, and appears to be a deliberate attempt to scare cattle ranchers (and possibly other types of farmers) into a knee jerk vote for Mitt Romney. I'm sure they don't care about farmers and ranchers except for a base of votes for Mitt Romney who will dump tax cuts into their and especially into Rupert Murdoch's lap while draining education, and programs that people paid into their entire life only to have them yanked away as they approach the time in life that they'll need them.

 Farmers are easily fooled because so far Congress hasn't had the chops to stop sending them those massive farm aid moneys. I checked around, even a small farm will net the farmer a full $25-30k a year. That was close to what Michelle Bachman's inlaw's farm got from the government for ten years, and I've heard that from other reports.  One Tea Party official gets $200k a year for owning farm land. But, farmers should beware, once the Republicans drain the suburban and city folks of all their money for tax cuts for the wealthy, they will have so much control of the nation that they will turn the starving, poorly sheltered city folk against them because of the rural welfare known as farm aid. And FOX News will be out front framing the outrage against those "affluent farmers". Because FOX News runs on the premise that if you make more government money flow to the wealthy, then they can dribble a lot of that their way.

 It used to be that the less affluent of the city and the country worked together to create a middle class. The Right wing's greatest achievement has been to destroy that alliance. And  in the future the middle class of the urban, suburban, and rural areas will, in the end, be put in their place as serfs for the wealthy, whether working for peanuts in factories, on farms, or in the military as they are used to grab cheap resources for companies from weaker nations, until the strength of our nation is gone and the wealthy will move on to another section of the world (probably China) to drain the rest of us people of that which makes life worth living so they can have multi-million dollar villas and compounds and jet around the world continuously partying like the royalty and nobility of old.