Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video: Why Students at Stanford Shunned Young Mitt Romney

And how and why Romney avoided the draft though he believed the Vietman War was good.  (He even demonstrated against anti-draft demonstrators.)

Still he refused to go and deferred until he had a high lottery number.  (The draft lottery was based on your birthday. So there were 366 choices. You stood for it for one year, at which time a new lottery was held for the next batch of eligible young men who would stand for it, and usually no one with with a birthday that ranked over 150 were required to report to the enlistment center.)  Bill Clinton did the same, using deferments based, not on his powerful and wealthy father, but on his brainpower that got him scholarships (Clinton's parents were not rich and, in fact, his mother had left his step-father I think by that time. Clinton's own father died in a car accident in the months before he was born, IIRC.).  But Bill Clinton was against the war on moral grounds.  Mitt Romney was for the war, and would have gotten a relatively safe, assignment, like Al Gore's (who was the son of a Senator), but dodged, just like Cheney and other Chickenhawks.

Even at that though, the unauthorized use (or claim thereof) of a troopers uniform is creepier still.  As others have pointed out, the Washington Post article that exposed Romney's known bullying past also relates a tale of Romney in collusion with two friends, staged the governor's son dressing in  trooper uniform arresting the young men on a double date an leaving the two young women apparently stranded in the middle of the night by the side of the road.  The article does report though the young women were back in their dorms by 11:00 pm.