Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Punch Line in the Fast and Furious Scandal is That Gun Walking Started Under the Bush Administration!

All of the Republicans' hypocrisy over "Fast and Furious" is exposed by logic if you remember that the program started during the Bush years.

So, when right wingers and guns shop owners wail that it was started to "take away guns" ask them why do they think the Bush people wanted to take away their guns? And who do they think in the Bush administration was plotting to take away their guns? Was it Bush himself? Or was Cheney and Rove anxious that people could arm themselves in case of a widespread draft of young Americans?
--- Hint: I'm being real tongue in cheek here.  Of course, I don't think that Bush, Cheney, or Rove wanted to take away guns, but the same allegations made about the Obama administration or Democrats in Congress (many of whom are gun owners themselves) is ridiculous.

In fact, the reality that the Bush people started the Gun Walking programs, has embarrassed Darrell Issa to the point that now he is backing down and saying that he just wants Eric Holder to testify or produce some papers or resign or whatever.

Others are making up all kinds of conspiracy theories behind the scene, though, and I think it's enough that Issa (with his past) has created this wild "Watergate II" scandal so roads and bridges don't have to be repaired (ensuring safety of our travelways, and creating jobs), and the Congress doesn't have to act to stop student debt interest doubling in July.

Nancy Pelosi makes a valid point, too. Distracting the Attorney General from ensuring the accuracy of the count in November, and mking certain all valid voters get to vote when Republican state governments are trying to block minorities and poor people from the ballot box this year appears to one of the goals of the Congressman from California.

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Note on and link to Ryan Lizza's report on Darrel Issa.  Lizza has even more on the Congressman than I've heard before.