Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Things to Know About the Investigation of Fast and Furious

The graphic above is a screen grab that came from Alan Colmes "Liberaland" blog which was a summary of a Think Progress Report Five Things To Know About The Republican Witchhunt Against Attorney General Holder  which is a very important article to read.

Issa himself is no stranger to using trumped up charges for overturning government.  He was the one that started recall petitions against democratic Governor Davis in California in 2003, only to be pushed aside by his party-mates as a "can't win" so they could focus on action star Arnold Schwarzenegger who further crippled the state (after the power companies scam during the rolling blackout period) and worked to break the strong liberal majority within it.

The petition drive for the recall was itself the target of and investigation for illegal petition gatherers and signers from other states (California law states that only California residents (as shown by having permanent living arrangements like a renter's agreement for an in-state dwelling, can pass petitions, and only registered voters, again required to be residents, but also to have  legally completed a registration for voting in the state at least 5 weeks prior to using any voter privileges).

Of course, no matter what top Republicans say now they are grateful for this conspiracy theory against Obama's Justice Department and a black man,  So Issa, using a program started under Bush and his Justice Department to try to pretend it's all a plot from the Obama administration is just like toppings for the hot fudge Sundae of a program to get back into power and pass tax cuts for fat cats and stage more wars for their military industrial complex buddies.