Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are Israeli Security Groups Pushing the US Towards War With Iran?

Down 'n' OutLower Stairway Falls in Pennsylvania

All states have nice parts and ugly parts.  The ugly in PA could  be an Israeli security group which may be playing world wide games in our nation, readying the country for another war in the Middle East.

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According to a 2010 report at This Can't Be Happening : Harah!: Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians the PA Homeland Security Agency has contracted with a private Israeli security company, as have "a number of local police departments in the state".

So you ask, what's so funny?

Scott Ritter may have been personally targeted by a Pennsylvania police department, in an entrapment scheme that I wrote about just 7 months ago in Doesn't Anyone Else Think It's Weird That Authorities Just Threw Scott Ritter in Jail As They Work Up A War on Iran?

I shouldn't have called it jail.  He was actually sent to prison where people spend long times.  Details are at the link above.

Now I learn that Pennsylvania's Homeland Security Agency has been using an Israeli security team since 2010. One of the courses the group taught at University of Pennsylvania was “Undercover/Plainclothes Tactical Operations".  We know that quite a bit of of anti-terrorism happens online. And tactics being tactics one just needs to question if Ritter was somehow entrapped jsut because he was Scott Ritter. If a person had his email address she, or, as it turned out, he could have actually invited Mr. Ritter to the chat room where he met the "15 year old girl" he allegedly knowingly made advances on.

Did Mr. Ritter ever have contact with the particular group or any Israeli security group or even anyone in Israel with whom he shared emails?  We know how any information they can get their hands on is scooped up and recorded by the Israeli government.  In one case, Mossad was shown to have used the identities of people who have passed through their customs gates to commit terrorism.  (The Israeli government copies passports and other documents people are carrying into Israel are often taken and copied upon entry).

Who wants the US to invade Iran and cripple our nation with another massive disastrous war?


Who spoke out strongly before the invasion of Iraq, and would have spoken out strongly against an invasion of Iran, especially exposing the faux nuclear weapons expert David Albright  who so often "discovers" new reasons to invade the nation?

Scott Ritter.

Luckily, President Obama, is not George W Bush, but Romney sure looks and acts like Bush except for slight differences due to Romney being a spoiled Upper Midwest elitist who self deported to the North East while "Dubya" was a spoiled North East to Texas Cowboyland elitist.

More on the danger of an invasion of Iran if we don't elect the right man in November: 

You may remember that many GOP heavies signed a letter allowing them to start and maintain a massive war effort if any terrorist struck our nation.  So far, we have struck back at two nations, one nation the Bushies refused to spend resources on and even let the terrorist mastermind get away at Tora Bora for the reason -- as explained by Army experts -- of enabling the invasion of Iraq by not exhausting the American public's tolerance for war, and the other has damaged our military to the point of near collapse.  Dubya was supposed to invade Iran during his second term according to the neocons inside and outside the government (the Israeli government) but public outrage was so high by that time that even "Bushie" figured it out. 

So when Israel decided the time was right for the US to invade Iran during Obama's term, they sent out their feelers and pressure groups.  A prominent liberal columnist advised Obama to do it because it would guarantee his re-election.  The columnist was probably honest, knowing how the news system works. It can't abuse a president at war -- even if he's liberal and mainstream media get most of their money from the 1%.

Luckily for us, Obama wouldn't take the bait.

Many experts agree that there can be no more war of any size, without a draft (because the military is exhausted) which the SSS wants to extend to the age of 34, and prohibit most deferments, including those for being female.  The SSS also wants to be able to draft doctors, computer experts, linguists, and other unspecified persons, of any age because of their "special skills".  This was all admitted during the Bush administration, but MSM has done it's best to hide this again.

I think it was Tom Brokaw, along with Susan Eisenhower and another media or government related person who sat on a 3 person panel in which each agreed that any more war would require a draft, though notably Marco Rubio has a plan to import, or take Dreamers and documented people from other nations to serve in our military.  Then Americans would only have to foot the bill is the implication.

Of course, footing the bill for Af-Pak and Iraq nearly destroyed our economy when you factor in the fact that the Bush administration was able to hide it's horrific inattention to the financial sector by being enabled by MSM's fixation on the "wars".  I mean really, just how much space do you think they could open up in their papers and online between celebrity news and war news to actually warn us of impending disaster?  Online the space could be less limited, but still the writers have to be hired to write the stuff, and /or speakers to do the talking in podcasts or news reports and the local newscasts are a joke with possibly 5 minutes of "real news" hidden somewhere within sports, celebrities, and weather.