Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fire Crews Gaining Ground

Remember the other day when Romney sneered about government hired firefighters? And then later he claimed he didn't know  how to help local governments hire cops, firefighters and teachers?
Funny, because President Reagan, Bush 41,Clinton, and Bush 43, all knew how to help local communities and states hire firefighters (some of which are hired by the state) and cops and teachers.

I guess all that Romney knows how to do is throw money at fat cats.  Isn't that convenient that Romney has no other plan than to toss millions at the billionaires who are financing the Citizens United allowed superPACs promoting Romney's campaign.

You don't have to worry that this gives Romney's candidacy a phony image as a bribe-centric effort to grab millions from hard working American who will be forced to replace the money taken from the general fund to pay off his backers, because there is nothing phoney about it.  This is the real deal, a massive scheme whereby fat cats steal from our nation after giving their favored candidate massive political donations.