Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vagina Dialogues Performed On The Steps Of The Michigan Captiol Building

The anti choice right wing leaders in the Michigan legislature banned a female representative for saying the word "vagina" in their chambers though they themselves feel they have a right to dominate women's vaginas and their lives with unreasonable rules  and prohibitions.  Michigan shows how fascist Republicans really are.  They have broken rules of proceedure long held in the chamber (and certified in their constitution) to enable themselves to de-certify voting rights, to destroy elected local government, and now to shut up a woman who is their equal for a ridiculous reason.

Michigan, it is time to clean house.  First, make sure you become fully certified to vote according to their racist rules, and then get to the polls in November and send them packing.

If you cannot vote yourself because of  unconstitutional post incarceration block, then help 10other people get to the polls, offer to babysit, drive, whatever it takes to get your friend and family fully registered and to the polls.  If you do, you have a much better chance of getting your right to vote back.  Because Republicans are intent to keep the poor and minorities from voting.   They have no right to block people formerly convicted of felonies.  In fact, most constitutional scholars say there is no reason to block people in prison from voting.  Stop this criminal destruction of rights, this year.

If you can vote, you can work to help others, too.  I don't meant to exclude you in getting your family and friends their proper representation.

Start with what you can do now.  Can you make sure everyone has a birth certificate and a photo ID?

Stop being controlled by people who do not care about you and you people, only about the money they can get from fat cats for selling out your rights to a decent life.