Saturday, September 10, 2011

GOP Moves to Block New Safety Reforms On Pipelines

Along Corniche Area, Doha, Qatar... with City Center far back
Another Waterfront. This one's in Quatar.
Nice, but I hope they don't have dangerous pipelines lurking there, too.
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Isn't it funny how we were just talking about the San Bruno fire yesterday, and then it is learned that Congressional GOP members want to block new legislation that would help ensure our pipelines are safe? Actually, no it's not. As regulators started drawing up new safety measures, I'm sure that PG&E called up every Congress member they could think of to whine and complain, and promise to donate to his or her campaign if he or she DID SOMETHING TO STOP NEW REGULATIONS! And so we have a GOP measure to make inspections and other safety measures less likely. I'd like anyone who votes for that package to go to San Bruno and explain their actions to the survivors. You owe them at least that. Read GOP gas pipeline bill would block safety reforms