Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Wants To Take Over Your Children's Education

Hear (on video above) or read how Rupert Murdoch plans to take over the public school systems and turn your kids into right wing ideologues, by turning their education over to his own hand picked propaganda crew. They intend to grab more than the right to spy on them (on hold for now) and actually mean to replace the classroom teacher so they can preach their veiled racist and classist screed to your kids through Internet School, mandated by your communities. Yes, Murdoch's people actually intend for their programs to replace public schools, and those pesky union teachers that have tender hearts and believe that the Civil Rights era was a good thing. (The script at Democracy Now does not mention a planned propaganda program, but since this is a Murdoch plan I'm assuming.)
Much of homeschooling educational materials tend to have a religious bent and promote right wing ideas, but there are problems with the system. Parents may not properly push Creationism and other ideas the right likes. And sometimes school systems step in if the children's schooling is insufficient or incomplete. What a drag.
So Murdoch's folk have the brilliant idea of creating an Internet version of Home Schooling controlled by his people. They could cover the basics while inserting right wing ideas. And it will be government school so it can't be deemed "bad" by the authorities. Think of how many teachers you can replace with one Nurse Ratched lecturing your child and an automated testing system so the school "board" can make sure your child "knows" that Charles Darwin recanted his belief in Evolution on his deathbed (and other lies Creationists tell).
The whole Internet School plan reeks of Soviet style education, but it will make it possible to block liberals or even centrists from the classroom because one teacher can be virtually cloned by the thousands. And how are kids going to learn how to get along with other To read the specific portion about putting public school online, click on the "read" link above and then search for "Murdoch" which will take you to a point close to where journalist Juan Gonzalez begins to talk to Diane Ravitch (assistant secretary of education and counselor to Education Secretary Lamar Alexander under President George H. W. Bush and appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board under President Clinton). In the video, the part about institutionalized Internet schooling planned by Murdoch is near the end.