Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Tragic September Anniversary

San Bruno Fire
Iconic San Francisco Waterfront
and the smoke arising from another September tragedy

Last year's natural gas transit line explosion could have been avoided if an inspection had been made in any of the 55 years in which the pipe that failed had been sitting beneath the unsuspecting feet of a residential community.

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September 9th 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the failure of a 24 inch PG&E gas transit line and the resulting explosion which destroyed a neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay area town called San Bruno, and killed 8 members of its community. I've found an account that seems to describe what happened. I've been keeping up as well as I can with little time, and a conversation between a KALW reporter Holly Kernan and Bay Citizen journalist John Updike seems to confirm what I'd picked up and adds to that knowledge. They discuss the tragedy (both of September 9, 2010 and the many years before when, with just a little effort, PG&E could have discovered and fixed the section that failed last year). See: One year after the San Bruno pipeline disaster