Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hens Coming Home to Roost Eh #Israel re: #egypt #gaza

Poor Israel tried to treat her closest allies as the bathmats she always considered them to be, refusing to apologize to Turkey for killing 9 of their people and killing Egyptian security personnel. (Just days ago Egypt had credible cause to shoot first and ask questions later when they thought private security guards with weapons were terrorists) but they didn't. 
Because you treat your friends as early 19th century chattel, and because your allied dictatorship buddies are falling you need to walk with more gentle footsteps, Dudes.  Even the US is figuring out that you are not the democracy you pretend to be.   To see a report from The Guardian on the removal of the IL ambassador to Egypt see:
I do usually go to Haaretz for more info but it's clear that the IL propaganda squads have taken control even of that paper today.