Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why You Need a "Democrat" Senator to Bring Aid to Your State in Next Few Years

An analyst writing in the Anchorage Daily News (article has disappeared from online) revealed that states who have a senator from the same party as as the national administration, always attract more aid from the federal government.

You may sneer at aid, but it is beneficial to your state and often vital in boosting the economy.

Now I know that many states, like Kansas and Tennessee, no matter who is president have had  big economic problems, many of which were exacerbated when manufacturing fled to China in the 80s (because the Reagan administration gave large incentives to industries that took jobs overseas). Even Mitch McConnell with his father-in-laws' huge Chinese shipping fleet wasn't in a position of real power when that deal went down.

But according to the analyst, states receive more assistance if at least one senator has that cozy relationship with the White House that is honed with members of the same party.

You may sneer at federal aid, in fact the uber wealthy Koch brothers do in public, but every industry they are in receives incentives and tax breaks from the feds, because it always helps whomever is on the receiving end. In fact the Koch brothers only deride it because they want to lower their tax burden, which is already lowered by breaks and other measures.

The rest of us need to play the game more wisely and attract jobs to our state, through road building and improvement, and other economy boosters.  I bet even Rick Perry wouldn't turn down aid to improve his state's roads, which apparently Texas needs.  They have a senate race this year, but it's not likely that they'll pick up a Democratic Senator, considering the history.

So if you have a chance to vote for a Democrat for senator or governor, you may want to think about it before knee jerking to the other party.

No US House member has the clout of a Senator. Governors can help influence, but aren't as close as the Senator residing for Congression sessions right there in DC.

Yours may be one of the states that is thinking of going pure Republican after years of a Senator with both seniority and the best party affiliation for the next two years.

The GOP plays with your mind if they suggest a pure GOP Senate slate is better for you.  Not for the next few years, it won't be.  You can always change later.

It's your decision.  If you like being a backwater state, by all means vote your gut.  Just maybe think twice before you complain about the conditions of your roads and highways, and your sagging economy.

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Hint: All GOP senate candidates I've reviewed have received massive Koch help via direct donations or 3rd party ads against their Democratic opponents.  I'm sure the rest will show the same aid from the environment and women harming Duo and their front groups.