Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Truth About the Muslim Prayer Rug Dropped by the Border.

Behold a "Flying Carpet"!  Yeah, right!

Republicans are saying that a Muslim prayer rug was dropped on the US side of the Mexican border and that proves that "Islamists" are infiltrating the United States.  That is as much fantasy as stories about a flying carpet ride and now we have proof.

Before the Bush Administration the way I, like you maybe, saw most people who seemed to be Middle Easter so possibly Muslim, was as excellent doctors, and dentists, mechanics, shop clerks etc. And actually I still do, but I worry about our nation.  Since then we have been told that they are all potential terrorists.  I suspect some kind of dominance through ignorance game is in effect. (Being female I understand how the right wing turns all a group's strengths into means to control and use them.)

The proof is is the pictures below.

A well known moderate blogger went into the wild of the right wing information machine and grabbed the picture of the Muslim prayer rug the GOP is offering as proof that "terrorists" are infiltrating across the Southern border in Texas.

Though the newsman or blogger asserted it was a football jersey, I wasn't convinced, myself a case could be made.  Looking at the picture I wondered if by football he meant a soccer player which would still not be unequivocal.  Maybe or maybe not dropped by an immigrant.  I usually watch what's happening with Saturday football via computer due to having 1 TV and connection and having a family who want to watch other things.

What I saw didn't look much like soccer jerseys I found online, but today I see definite proof that not only is the object not a prayer rug, but it's definitely an American college football jersey.  The stripes are the kind that many college players wear in their NCAA games.

No really here's the proof!  On the left at the bottom of this post is a picture of a college football player in his jersey and pads.

On the right is the "prayer rug" GOP activists claim was dropped by the Southern Texas border rumpled and folded.

That's where the bold stripes come in.  They look great on the sleeves stretched over shoulder pads.  Check out "Muslim pryers rugs in a image search online.  Most are dark or moderate patterns in typical Muslim art, .  They aren't striped.  Below is a selection of prayer rugs from an image search page online.  There are many more, but they all seem to be of the same type.  (At bottom is an example of a college athlete in his jersey  and the "prayer rug".)  I'm only showing you a small selection of rugs, but I've searched and looked at hundreds. The "prayer rug"  used by the right wing haters' blogs is nothing like those.

The dropping of a football jersey may be sacrilege to a state that loves it's sports, but it's not indicative of terrorism.

With the GOP looking for a 17 year Universal Draft Males and Females 18-34 when they get full control of the nation again, we need to resist the lies that will give them the power.