Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rocky Mountians being Under Threat From Climate Change. Why Would Coloradoans Vote for the Candidate Favored by the Koch Bros, the Rockies' Destroyers?

Photo: Colorful Dawn by John Fowler (snowpeak)

The good folks of the Rocky Mountains love their homes in the grand scenery of the state.  But evidence shows that Old Energy is destroying many of its wonderful aspects.

The Denver Post published are report the other day on the fact that Front Range Flows  in Colorado's Rockies did major damage to the area and caused deaths last year.  The huge rains of 2013 made changes usually only seen in East Coast locations that are hit with hurricanes which develop in the warm water of the Southern Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico according to the report.

Good camping locations Picture by Paul Threlkel (PT Photo)
Yes, this was unprecedented as were the  Colorado wildfires of recent years that were spurred by drought. But with climate change we're not assured that this was once in a lifetime disaster and it's not an act of God or chance.

Scientists warned us that such will happen, and now it's happening. They tell us it's because of climate change, and we aren't going to believe them?  They tell us old energy is the reason for climate change and we turn on Rush Limbaugh to tell us otherwise? That would be beyond foolish for people who love the Colorado mountains and forests and the property they own or rent to live there to do.

But if they aren't trying to deny reality why are the good folks of Colorado seemingly poised to elect a puppet of the Koch Brothers who are deeply dependent on pushing more old energy to maintain their income growth.

Slopes full of snow. Picture by Jodie Wilson (jumpyjodes)
The Koch brothers also help fund the push for laws that make self providers of energy pay up to 2/3rds an electric bill just to help energy companies move their energy around.

For example, I pay about $80/mo for electricity, but laws are being passed at the request of old
energy companies to force home installed Solar panel users to pay $50 a month because they pass electricity through utility companies lines.  That's almost 2/3rds of a standard electric bill in addition to the substantial cost a homeowner must pay to have an alternative energy system installed. That puts a damper on alternative energy the Rockies need to avoid the effects of Global Climate Change.

But Cory Gardner's 2nd and 3rd top donors are old energy  providers including Koch Industries.  He's one their candidates to stop the government from boosting alternative energy that could save the Rockies and the state from worse effects of Global Climate Change as time goes on.  See snip from Gardner's Open Secrets page below:

I find it hard to believe that Coloradans wouldn't rather have Mark Udall as their senator to help protect the mountains and forests of their home state than a puppet of Old Energy companies that are likely to keep on harming , possibly even destroying them.

Just in case someone thinks that Senator Udall is of the same cloth, here are his top contributors:


No old energy sources at all.

Colorado needs to stand up for the Rockies against old energy promoters if they want their state to remain beautiful and/or full of hiking, climbing, skiing, and other outdoor opportunities.

If Mark Udall returns to DC as their senator they'll know they have a advocate for saving the great land they love.

And hundreds of delights to be found by just exploring. Photo by Cindy (WxMom)

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Here is a page that shows how much AFP (a Koch bros super Pac have spent against Senator Mark Udall.  Apparently they thought they could hide spending for GOP enablers by using big $$ in opposition ads against their opposition).