Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eric Cantor Wants a Word With You, Oh, and Your Email Address and Personal Information

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A commercial that lasts about 30 seconds plays first.  That comes with the video as a money making insert for MSNBC.  I noticed that today they played one even for FOX News, Lovely, /sarcasm! I have no control over whether or which ads appear.  Sorry. Close your eyes and think of wind chimes and back runbs or baseball and hockey if you want.  It should be over soon, 
If I worked the clip and share system correctly this video starts where Rachel starts explaining Eric Cantor's new phony "You be the Cosponsor" program which is basically about getting your email address so they can send you propaganda spam and requests for money.  Being able to pass "information" privately is a real score, even with Mainstream news now controlled mostly by billionaires, being able to just straight out lie to you is a boost.  It's how Rush Limbaugh and their other wacko news show hosts, not to mention many southern church leaders have been able to fool a substantial number of Americans. Now Cantor and his Republican partners would like to Not only send you lies directly, but also sell your email and other info to hundreds of other groups.  (I've actually had that happen. It's bad enough having to close or basically abandon an email address, but often, especially with G mail you've got a good part of your legal name involved with the address.) Now they can guess who you are, and I imagine its even possible to figure out your location, but that's okay, because you probably have to give them your address and name to play their scammy "cosponsor" game.  I think after the part about Cantor's gambit then Rachel explains, as I have been trying to tell my friends, how the second term of Barack Obama is looking like the second term of Clinton where phony scandal after phony scandal was parlayed into stealing an election and many people not really caring because they'd been assured by mainstream media and the left that both Al Gore and George W. Bush were the same.

Even after Bush and his warmongers invaded Iraq, we were told by some very liberal people that Gore would have done the same given the information that was being handed out.  But the most damning information was found to be cooked up specifically by departments of the Bush administration, so hey that stupid argument falls apart upon really looking at it.

Reasons we needed to invade Iraq had all the validity that exposing a CIA employee's identity to discredit her, and the Gore administration would not have played that game, unless  maybe the GOP was able to impeach him over a public lie about sex and therefore ever after hold the fact that the Senate didn't remove him over his head so that he played the Republican's game pretty heavily afterwards.

The full video is 18 minutes long, but I've cut some good parts out, including cute penguins in dashikis (If I've spelled that correctly).  So click here if you want to see them and her really fun spiel about crazy FOX News and feat. Penguins in Dashikis.