Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank The NRA That Mentally Unstable, Homicidal Folks Can Get the Weapons They Need To Commit Mass Murder When They Want

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The NRA has messed with our town this time. We should set the Paparazzi on them, and see who's wins. 

Okay, that's not nice. Paparazzi are just trying to earn a decent living in a town with multi-millionaire stars and in a world which is voracious in it's hunger for their images. The #NRA is selling our children, other loved ones, and the very stability of our society to the gun manufacturers and billionaires for their fancy homes and life styles. The Paparazzi are way too good to compare with Wayne La Pierre.

I deeply apologize for the mistaken spelling in the title previously.  Spell check everywhere, but in titles where the mistakes are going to be GLARING. #majorfail