Monday, November 5, 2012

Is Karl Rove Playing California Through Ad Buys Promoting Proposition 32 and Against Prop 30?

California say hello to the man who may have been leading us around by the nose. Yeah, you know the name. There is a thin veneer of deniability, but "same address is media speak for "yeah they're the same, but we won't say it because we're owned and paid by millionaires and billionaires and we're thankful we still have jobs in news where the pay is better and the work not so hard, so we'll pretend that truth does not exist anymore when we're talking about the Billionaires' Republican hatchet-men and women".

What happened according to A San Jose Mercury News report is:
[A] donation was made last month to the Small Business Action Committee, which has been running campaigns against Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown's tax-hike initiative, and for Proposition 32, the measure that would curb labor's ability to collect political cash.
 The California Fair Political Practices  Committee and California's Attorney General Kamala Harris got a ruling from a Sacramento judge to  submit to an investigation over whether the ad buyers broke campaign finance rules.  Subsequently the ad buying group got out their lawyers to whine about political oppression and got a stay from an appeals court, but not before I got the horrific vision of Rove locked in a filthy prison cell lacking his expensive girdle and suits that makes me want to burn out the part of my brain in which that is stored,

Today though the California Supreme Court ruled that the groups had to give up their donor information and, no surprize, the purchasing entity shares an address with American Crossroads at the offices of Crossroads Media and Rove's group denies any connection with either.  So I guess Rove can't make up original names and wanders around like a kindergartner copying that which other people make up.

It's worth a reporters job, though, to put two and two together.

So, unless we want Rove shagging us, why don't we just get out and vote against everything he's for and for everything he hates.

Sounds like a plan.

Political cash floods California races at the LA Times, which is trying to collect online subscription payments these days.  If you have reached your limit for the month (set very low there), take the title to Google News and search on it and click on the Times article there.  GN has it in their contracts that publications must allow a reader access to 5 articles a day from their news search site..

More details at 
San Jose Mercury News: State Court of Appeal sides with Arizona group and issues stay; state's highest court to take up case

KPCC  UPDATE: Groups behind anti-Prop 30 donation revealed.

Edit: No matter whether the Center to Protect Patient Rights were working with Karl Rove I have learned is a front group for the Koch bros. No kidding. That was reported on KPCC's website. Since the Koch bros regularly work with Rove, I see no reason not to suspect it happened this year too, but even more importantly, if the CPR collects donations from outsiders, an investigation should at least be held to see if they promote their group as an actual patient protection group when seeking funds. It is dishonest to call yourself such a high sounding name while playing politics outside its realm, but if they collect money using the implication they are helping patients, then its criminal.