Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mitt Romney and The Cosmic 47 Percent

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The Mittster shares a connection to 47% with Star Trek Programs. Cue Twilight Zone music!

 Irony is piled on irony as Mitt's base of support came from Southern states that are more dependent on federal aid and from the elderly on Social Security which Romney lumped in with his the 47% he dismissed as people he didn't wouldn't waste his concern on as Buzzflash pointed out, but who actually have earned their retirement.  (Social Security receivers must be part of the 47% as pointed out by many pundits, because, otherwise, "47%" of the population could not possibly be filled out by the "takers".  Also included were low wage earners, mostly those with children that also do not pay "income taxes" but are likely to pay Social Security tax if they work and sales tax if they shop for anything but exempted food products, as well as gasoline tax if they use that product, and many assorted taxes that they cannot avoid if they heat their homes at all, etc.  (They also helped support gas taxes if the food they bought came from anywhere further than a few blocks away from their home).

And though, the minimum wage has fallen far below the real needs of Americans, which is why at least the government gives people with children more of a deduction on their taxes than if they were childless, Romney was ready to throw those people away in his election and apparently was going to force the poorest workers in the US to pay more taxes to support his tax cuts for fat cats he had planned.  And Mitt Romney was the least extreme of the Republicans running in the primary after John Huntsman dropped out.