Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Instead of Asking Those in Charge of The Operations In Benghazi in September, Republicans Attack the UN Ambassador What's Really Going On? What is Really the Agenda of the GOP Susan Rice Haters

If you already saw the video below tonight, please note that I've inserted two more videos below it on the discussion.

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 GOP Critics can't get over Benghazi.  Not just Benghazi, but post explanations of the Benghazi attack.

Susan Rice was not involved in what was being done in Benghazi.  She had to rely on what others told her about Benghazi, but Old, Wealthy, Senate Puppets of Billionaires keep hammering on her about what those in government who advised her what to say on Sunday news programs.

Hillary Clinton endorses Susan Rice.

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In the next video snip (from same longer video as above) you will see that they have "concerns about Susan Rice", but happily confirmed Condi Rice who missed all the clues before 911 when she was National Security Advisor!!!!! And then went around spouting the BS on Iraq warning about the "Smoking Gun actually being a Mushroom Cloud". Yeah, I guess the billionaires and the War for Israel backers have a special standard for Secretary of State. He or She has to fit their agenda. And just what is their agenda at this moment? Susan Collins tells us at the end of the video snip below in her patrician accent and self important demeanor to get John Kerry out of the Senate, and BTW can they have More War Please? (Okay, the "more war" request is not being spoken at this point, but it soon will be.  On to world economy destroying action on Iran!  Bombs Away!)

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Yes, the GOP wants their boy, Scott Brown, back in the Senate after he stood with their women haters and voted against contraception for women in the ACA, and who inspired his aides into using "Indian chop" disparagement of Native Americans with his racist rant about his opponent's native heritage (which is just exactly as strong in Cherokee DNA as that of the head of the Cherokee nation).

There is another video that shows exactly why the Senators above are trying to push Scott Brown back into the Senate, but for decades the second term game for the GOP has been to either defeat a Democratic president, steal the election, or to block all benefit to the American people, no matter what they had to do.

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