Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tim Kaine V George Allen Virginia Senate Seat

Tim Kaine vs George Allen

Surprising as it is to find George "Macaca man" Allen with a chance to sell the rights of the citizens of the state of VA to the billionaires, who never actually care a bit about normal citizens, this apparently has happened.

And a poll days ago said that Romney may win the state's electoral college votes, too, putting the presidency more up in the air than I'd heard before.

Well, I'm sure that the people of the commonwealth can make up their own minds but I'm concerned they don't understand what all of Mr. Allen's positions are.

George Allen refuses to condemn the state actions towards women such are requiring an ultrasound before an abortion. This could cause an extra charge of hundreds of dollars added to the substantial cost of the ultimate procedure. If this becomes too costly women will find other methods than having the procedure done by a doctor which could risk her life and health, and even her freedom and that of any one who aids her in the quest to not be pregnant.

In fact, George Allen, says he favors a "Personhood" amendment.  His excuse he said that was because it would help "punish a pregnant woman's attacker".  I'm thinking that Virginia has plenty of laws in place for criminals.  But in case Mr. Allen didn't know, the Personhood deal  actually prohibits the use of the most effective birth control options putting our nation back into the 50s and requiring the use of condoms for even a modicum of prevention.  Personhood actually prevents the use of The Pill and the IUD.   Last I heard, condoms success rate is not anywhere as good as those two methods and some guys complain loudly about the "rubbers".

As even Grover Norquist noted, a Romney presidency is only another situation in which disinterested GOP showman like George W. Bush will drag out his hand to sign bills that Norquist crafts for the billionaires and the Republicans in Congress pass.

If billionaires want us to invade some country for resources, Americans under GOP Congress and President are sent off to war.

And when the nation goes bankrupt because of war and tax cuts for billionaires they can just dismantle all the intelligence industry they said they needed in the years of Dubya and Obama. And get rid of FEMA which does nothing but help communities recover from disasters like hurricanes, and floods, etc.   

I could be fun getting back to those days like in the Confederacy where the rich fared well and  the poor died, except during war when everybody died.

No one thought we'd get to war so fast when Dubya was elected, but they sure showed us.  Boom within 10 months we were ar war, and then the lies came fast and furious about why we had to invade Iraq because, you know Al Qaeda! (which turned out wasn't in Saddam's part of Iraq until after we invaded and toppled him.  Now, Netanyahu, with whom Romney's had two meetings since Spring (and who wants Obama out because the Prez refused to invade Iran for a guaranteed second term), wants us to attack Iran.

War gaming showed that, if attacked, Iran, would not only mine the Strait of Hormuz, but also bomb the Saudi oil fields which would cause global economic collapse (except for oil companies of course who would make out like bandits).  According to the war planning, that could not be fixed until we invaded Iran and cause regime change.

Our military is broken, but the Selective Service still has their plans for a Universal Draft set up waiting for a trigger, ie the next conflict.  The Universal Draft calls for conscripting of all males and females from age 18 to 34 without deferments, except in extreme cases. No more educational reprieves.

Another fact people might not know is that, Iran's military is at least 10 times stronger than Iraq's was in 2003 and they were never forced to give up their chemical and biological weapons.  Those will be waiting for you, or your kids, grandkids.

This terrifies military leaders, and even gave the Bush administration pause.  Of course, Obama, refused to take the bait, but Romney has had two private meetings with the Netanyahu (who covets cheaper Iranian oil because of its superior level of hydrocarbons).  And Romney refuses to release transcripts of the talks he's had with the PM, or tell us if he made any deals with him.

And George Allen will be right there in the Senate to help Romney start another war.  I guess it could be glorious for a few.  Fro the rest, disaster, and don't look for FEMA.  Romney's going to hand it over to billionaires.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  Picture at top used via Creative Commons License Attribution (CC by 2.0) thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey  who has no connection to this blog or blogger.