Friday, November 23, 2012

The Big Lesson Taught by Rollen Stewart the Rainbow Wig Evangelist

This trailer for a movie doesn't explain a lot, I know. But checking out Wikipedia, you can find that Rollen Stewart, a man who would follow popular sports games and try to get on camera with his rainbow wig and his signs with popular bible verses, especially John 3:16 noted on them. Mr. Stewart would show up at nationally and even internationall important games with his act and his signs.

As young Christians he was often held up to us as a person we should be like, that we should go out and try to convert people to the faith. Actual teachers in church sessions would push us to get more active, like they apparently push young people and old, now, to get active in anti abortion protests, at the least yelling at women walking into clinics facing the toughest decision of their lives. I didn't have an answer for them then about why I didn't turn myself into a rainbow wigged crusader, or at least make some signs and yell at motorists from street corners.

I did get pushed into joining crowds when at college that would "testify" on the college green, but always was berated for not doing enough (and that was before even our local evangelical churches discovered the anti-abortion movement as a big money maker).  (Funny, if God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, why didn't he tell our local church groups He hated abortion in the 70s -- though I know some southern churches always felt that way.  I guess that's what makes a lot of  young men and women say, why suddenly does God hate me and want me to be nothing more than a baby making machine? If you really believe, you have to realize, that some people down here on earth got it wrong, but which time were they wrong?  When they didn't believe it mattered to God, or now when they do?)

But to get back to Mr Rollen Stewart, after his rainbow wig days on national TV though Mr. Stewart followed his "spirit" whether of God, the Devil, or basic insanity enlarged by the craziness of a society that no longer believes that Americans deserve a decent standard of living unless they are part of an small group of well borne,  or intellectually or physically endowed super humans, who can grab great salaries while the GOP attack the rest of us, decreasing, by law our ability to earn enough to keep ourselves healthy, let alone happy.

In the face of an increasingly harsh society like that and older age which dissolves the cushion of "always time to turn my life around" so many of us use to keep from thinking about the horrors of the post Reagan society, when a presidential candidate can basically laugh at normal Americans desire to have a decent life when it conflicts with his rich buddies' dream of eternal war and massive tax cuts for "job creators" (who actually mostly create production in China consistent with near slave conditions, and minimum wage jobs in the US), Mr. Rollen finally apparently completely succumbed to his mental illness, and in the end took three people hostage and threatened to shoot planes landing at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).   He is currently serving 3 life sentences for the kidnapping incident.

So when people at church ask you why you don't get more active in protests at abortion clinics or insinuate you should be "evangelizing", tell them do I look like Rollen Stewart?  You may have to explain to them who the guy is, but give them the message that you aren't actually ready to do crazy things and harass other people for their glory and pocketbook.  God can take care of himself.  The church always likes to make a lot of money on the side.

It's your life.  You can handle it.  They don't need to be telling you what you should be doing with it.

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